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It takes a while to get rid of the noise and truly assess your personal brand. Expectations have been placed on you, society has bombarded you with images and sound bites about who you should be and what they will accept. You've looked at others with envy and somehow tried to pattern your life after personal brands that may not have been authentic to you. Feedback is, by far, the best way to assess where you are. It is often a difficult moment to receive feedback that is less than flattering; however, it is the only way we can improve.

If you are interested in self assessing your personal brand, download the following form and give it to 5-7 people you trust. Give them permission to tell the truth from their point of view. Now keep in mind that the reason we ask so many people is because we know that each of these individuals has their own set of baggage and life experiences. this may interfere with some of the feedback, but if you choose the right people and tell them what you are trying to accomplish, this may be minimized.

Please feel free to email us at if you have questions or comments. Congratulations on taking this first step to ensure that your brand is a positive one. Please let us know if and how this process was helpful to you.